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GX Pump is a compressor brand with a history of 30 years. Quality is always the priority. Pay attention to technology research and development, every year the plant direct investment for research and development of 20%. In China compressor business field is very well-known. As a trusted brand,

GX Pump entered the Europe and America market in 2017 and has been sold in the US for more than 7 years, accumulating a large number of loyal customers. They have their own branded stores on Amazon and eBay. There are also a lot of product reviews of our brand on Youtube.

Models include GX CS1, CS2, CS3 CS3-I, CS4, E-5K2, E-L, H4, GX M6

Our Company Profile

Company name:Shenzhen Angniu Technology Co., LTD

Room 401, Building 7, Zone B, Fangxing Science Park, No.17, Baonan Road, Nanlian Community, Longgang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China



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