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GX Pump is a compressor brand with a history of 30 years. Quality is always the priority. Pay attention to technology research and development, every year the plant direct investment for research and development of 20%. In China compressor business field is very well-known. As a trusted brand,

GX Pump entered the Europe and America market in 2017 and has been sold in the US for more than 7 years, accumulating a large number of loyal customers. They have their own branded stores on Amazon and eBay. There are also a lot of product reviews of our brand on Youtube.

Models include GX CS1, CS2, CS3 CS3-I, CS4, E-5K2, E-L, H4, GX M6

Our Company Profile

Company name:Shenzhen Angniu Technology Co., LTD

Room 401, Building 7, Zone B, Fangxing Science Park, No.17, Baonan Road, Nanlian Community, Longgang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China



Chinese factory 


Introduction from ChatGPT

GX PUMP is a brand of air compressors that produces a range of products for various applications, including air guns. Their air compressors are designed to provide reliable and efficient performance, with features such as oil-free pumps, low noise levels, and durable construction.

The air guns produced by GX PUMP are designed to be used with their air compressors and are often used for automotive and industrial applications. These air guns can be used for tasks such as cleaning, drying, and painting, and are designed to provide consistent and precise airflow.

Overall, GX PUMP is a reputable brand in the air compressor industry, known for producing high-quality and reliable products that are suitable for a range of applications.