First standing shot, I learned how to stand and shoot

First standing shot, I learned how to stand and shoot - GXPUMP

Today, I found a box from five years ago. Five years ago Learn from the seniors! Remember first time standing this far. Shoot three shots at most every time you raise your gun, and then you stop shaking... Take a break every eight rounds.

This is my target paper for shooting

Bad shot, target paper A4, hard to center, only a few shots to reach... But the last group felt much better than the first group, with the overall impact slightly lower. Arms, back muscles, breathing all need strengthening...
Senior/high hand pat




With a aiming mirror, it's estimated to weigh about 9 pounds, making it difficult to stand without support.

I shoot from the standing position of this picture

Trained professionally in this class. Both men and women can do it. The important thing is to use the bone support and get it right, and the rest is to counter the effect of the heartbeat on the aim. The effect of the heartbeat on the aim is up and down, there should be no left and right beats.
Use the bones in the base of the palm to support the butt of the gun, not the muscles in the palm.


If I use my current 12-pound bullpup structure PCP, half-kneeling with no support and 35YDS to shoot squirrels in the head, I'd estimate a 30% to 40% hit rate. Four years ago that would have been an 80% shot.
Age is a tough injury. After a certain age, muscle capacity declines, first showing stability. Five years ago, it shook a little but not more than a squirrel's head. Now obviously the range is large, to choose the timing of the shot.



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How much does your gun weigh? In what position?

July 18, 2022 at 13:44pm

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