What Is The Noise Level Of The Pcp Air Compressor?

What Is The Noise Level Of The Pcp Air Compressor? - GXPUMP

 It has been two years since I began to accept various pre-sale and after-sale problems from customers, and I found that one of the most frequent feedback from customers was the excessive noise of products. Last year, when we were working on GX CS4, we were thinking about how to make CS4 less noisy. As a result of our designers' efforts, CS4 is much, much less noisy than before.

Let me take a look at a video test from a customer who bought CS4 in February,


Well, it's obvious from the video that the CS4 sounds smoother and at a lower volume.

If you don't already feel this is obvious. In February, another customer tested the volume of the GX CS4 PCP air compressor using noise instruments of different brands and prices.

Here is his article from Ronin's Grips


He decided to test the GX CS4. He also wanted to test some air gun regulators, so he would order some cheaper sound level meters to get readings from different positions - a BAFX3370, a Tadeto SL720 and an xrcliff-1359.
He was inflating his 6.8-liter carbon fiber bottle with his GX CS4 compressor and thought it would be a good time to get a sound reading from relatively the same location. He lined them up and shot a video, freezing the video to capture the sound reading of each meter at a particular time.
Here's the video, where you can hear the compressor and see the meter:



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