TOP 10 of the most popular air guns in Europe and America in 2022

TOP 10 of the most popular air guns in Europe and America in 2022 - GXPUMP

TOP 10 of the most popular air guns in Europe and America in 2022


Probably, airgun enthusiasts are no strangers to HAM, the famous American online magazine. Today we present you the 2021 ranking of the most popular airguns in Europe and America organized by HAM. The ranking is based on the reader's number of views and comments after HAM has prepared an evaluation report for each airsoft weapon. The latter reflects the gratitudes that these airguns receive, levels of support for the manufacturers, and their popularity in the market.

2021 is a most extraordinary year. Because of the Covid-19, many people have to be isolated at home. Under the circumstance, it's inconvenient to go out, and entertainment is restricted. The demand for air guns as entertainment has also increased significantly. However, in light of the epidemic, the number of new airsoft products being launched by companies has also decreased. Of the ten models on the list, six were released last year, while the other 4 are new faces. From a vendor perspective, the TOP 10 is more balanced this year. Last year, the most popular manufacturer was Weihrauch; 3 of the top 10 were their products. This year, it's Diana and Crosman, each with 2 of their models, which once again proves the unshakable position of products from Germany and America in air rifles. The effects of other manufacturers have also taken their place. Now let us look at the list and see if there is also a model you like!


TOP 10. Crosman 1077

The Crosman 1077 is the only product in the top 10 that uses CO2 cylinders, and it is the first time it has been included in the Top 10 list. The gun has a long history and has been in production for 27 years. So, it can be considered a relatively "long-lived" model among air guns. Most commendably, the rifle has hardly changed over the past two decades.

In recent years, the carbon dioxide-powered air rifle for which it stands is increasingly common in large sports stores, which explains its accuracy and stability. Including the Crosman 1077 in the top 10 most popular air rifles of 2021 also seems to prove a point: simple, cheap, and safe airsoft guns are experiencing a popular resurgence.



TOP 9. Diana Stormrider Gen2

Diana Stormrider Gen2 has scored twice, but the ranking has slipped from second place to ninth. It is a very accurate PCP air rifle, priced at around $200, and is one of the best entry-level rifles for PCP newcomers. The gun uses a synthetic stock that is lightweight and strong, which is also a significant advantage. In addition, the cylinder volume is small and can be quickly filled with a manual gas cylinder. If you like lightweight products, then you should equip yourself with a light PCP gun and a lightweight airsoft press at the same time. GX PUMP offers products with high-cost performance. You can click the homepage, and we have many portable compressors, including GX PUMP H-4 PCP hand pump and GX PUMP M6 3 Stage.



During testing, the team at HAM noted that the additional barrels, regulators, and gauges used in the second generation are all Diana's accessories that are easy for users to install. These improvements also help improve the overall performance of the air rifle.



TOP 8. Diana 34 EMS

The Diana 34 EMS makes it into the top ten is a surprising result. Its predecessor was a classic spring-piston air rifle. Once known for being the first airsoft pop barrel gun to achieve systematic success, the 34 EMS successfully refined the classic. The 34 EMS also received the HAM Gold Award for its performance, functionality, flexibility, and price.

The Diana 34 EMS also offers enthusiasts a whole different set of options. It can be converted from a .177 caliber to a .22 caliber. At the same time, the gun provides two advantages that many shooters appreciate: easy handling and soft recoil.



TOP 7. Weihrauch HW97K

  The Weihrauch HW97K has won the HAM Gold Award several times. Last year it was also in the top ten most popular rifles. This year, it slipped down one spot in the rankings, but there's no denying that it's an excellent spring-action rifle. In testing by the team at HAM, the HW97K showed great accuracy and consistency, and the gun has no fancy parts, be it the fixed barrel, the overall layout of the lower gas rod, or the all-wood walnut stock. The fixed barrel and excellent trigger system give the entire gun a solid and reliable feel that appeals to many spring airsoft enthusiasts.

Whether it's quality, handling, or other features, the Weihrauch HW97K exceeds everything shooting enthusiasts demand. It is the perfect choice for everyday entertainment or small game hunting. As a multi-purpose spring-action rifle, the internal quality is very reliable despite its plain appearance.

TOP 6. Umarex "Origin"

Umarex is also in the top ten list for the first time; although it is a company that is good at replicating classics, this time, it is selected with a redesigned PCP "Origin." This weapon looks similar to the Air Venturi "Avengers," but there is still a big difference between them. You can say that they are two utterly different air rifles.

The Umarex "Origin" is aimed at the entry-level market, the group that owns a PCP or even an air gun for the first time. All you have to do is open the box, put on the scope, and shoot, so the design of the "Origin" is simple and easy to use.

If you are looking for your first PCP air gun, this is the one! As a highly beginner-friendly product, the "Origin" is neither complicated nor high-end. However, HAM magazine gave it an excellent review: it is a well-deserved HAM Gold Award winner, and its function, performance, and price are a perfect match. They felt it was a revolutionary product and that the Umarex "Origin" would revolutionize the "first PCP airgun" market.



TOP 5. Air Venturi The Avengers

The Air Venturi Avengers is also on the list for the first time. The magazine HAM tested only the basic model and rightly won the Gold Award. It may rank even higher if other calibers and related comments are counted.

Air Venturi Avengers is suitable for users with strong practical skills. Purchased for $300, it is cheap, but it can be easily retrofitted by changing specific configurations to adjust the firing characteristics of the entire weapon, finding and realizing its potential. If you are a PCP enthusiast with both experience and interest, especially if you like to DIY and modify, Air Venturi Avengers is worthwhile.

As a PCP, the Air Venturi Avengers are moderately priced. The Air Venturi Avengers can also be used directly "out of the box," firing with factory settings. But then it would be difficult to tune the gun to the user, and players would miss some discoveries, and most importantly, they would also lose much fun.



TOP 4. LCS SK -19

The LCS Air Arms SK -19 is the first "newcomer" in the 2021 Top Ten list, allowing you to experience the other end of the air rifle market. It is one of the high-end products of the PCP market, but it also offers unique features that are rarely found in other airs guns. Its retail price is $2089 each.

It is most notable for being a continuous-fire automatic air rifle that can be switched from semi-auto to full-auto with a single lever. The case completely covers the barrel, and there is an expansion cavity at the front end of the chance to buffer the airflow, which can help reduce noise. The gun body has up and down, with a Picatinny scope rail and an extension rail for mounting various accessories. The pistol is available with 480ml or 580ml cylinders, and many accessories can be customized.


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TOP 3. Ruger Air Hawk

The Ruger Air Eagle is also a spring-piston air rifle that long enjoyed great popularity. It has won the HAM Gold Award several times. It is cost-effective airsoft, which gives it a place in the list of the most popular airsoft guns in 2021, but it has also improved four classes compared to last year. It effectively combines quality, performance, operability, and price requirements.

As a spring air rifle, the Ruger Air Hawk can be very adaptable to bullets, and most bullet brands can be fired with it with acceptable accuracy. Another highlight is the trigger system, which is better than many air guns that cost twice as much. The downside is that the original scope does not perform well. It is better to buy a better one and replace it. And for this gun to reach its full potential, it also requires some skills and experience in using a spring-piston air rifle. It takes constant practice to be more satisfied with the Ruger Air Hawk's performance. Overall, this is a perfect product for its price.



TOP 2: Gamo Whisper

The Gamo Whisper was 5th on last year's list and moved up three spots. A popular spring-break air rifle, the Gamo Whisper has been on the market for a long time and is one of Gamo's most successful products, spawning several developmental models.

Often people tend to buy products they have heard of or have an impression of. But Gamo's Whisper is indeed accurate and adaptable. In the test organized by HAM magazine, the gun can fire different brands of bullets and maintain fairly consistent accuracy. The muzzle velocity of all bullets is within Gamo's stated range. The Whisper has two other advantages: First, the gun is very light, and second, it has good directionality, which also helps improve accuracy.

If you want to take advantage of the Gamo Whisper performance, you will have to switch to a better scope. The HAM magazine review also points out that to take advantage of Gamo's Whisper accuracy, you will need some experience and skill. You will also need to budget for replacing accessories such as scopes so that this air rifle can better demonstrate its accuracy. This comes at an additional cost, but it's well worth the money and will make your Gamo Whisper a top-of-the-line air rifle.



TOP 1. Benjamin The Marauder

The Benjamin Marauder won last year's ranking of the ten most popular air rifles and is again in first place in 2021, proving that this "old rifle," which has been on the market for many years, is exceptional. Back in 2014, HAM magazine conducted a review of the Predator, one of the earliest product reviews after the magazine's inception, and the Predator also won the HAM Gold Award. Although a few years have passed, this PCP is as popular as ever.

The Benjamin Marauder has most of the features that most users consider the ideal PCP air rifle and the necessary quality, maneuverability, and accuracy. Its coordination ability is also excellent. The Benjamin Marauder will appeal to many air rifle enthusiasts mainly due to its built-in adjustment device. There are many ways to adjust the muzzle velocity of the bullet, the number of serial shots, the ideal filling pressure, and the trigger settings to best suit the shooter's personal preferences. Last year, Archer equipped the Benjamin Marauder with a revolutionary Power Adjustment Kit that significantly increased power and sustained fire capabilities, further unlocking the performance potential of this air rifle.


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