What Are The Classifications Of Air Guns?

What Are The Classifications Of Air Guns? - GXPUMP

Air guns can be classified according to their power source, use scenario and other factors. Here are some common categories:

1. Spring-piston airguns: Compressed air generated by the elastic force of the Spring drives the injection of the projectile. They are usually used for target shooting, shooting and other activities.

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2. Gas ram airguns: Similar to spring airguns, but using gas compression instead of springs to generate power, thus providing a smoother shooting experience.

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3. CO2 airguns: Using carbon dioxide gas as a power source, they generally have a higher rate of fire and better accuracy, and are suitable for target shooting, shooting and other activities.

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4. PCP Pre-charged pneumatic airguns: Air is stored in the gun by a manual pump or a compressed air tank to provide the power needed to shoot the projectile.

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5. Air pistols: Similar to air guns, but usually with a closer range, suitable for indoor activities such as target shooting and shooting.

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It is important to note that different states and cities may set different regulations for the use and purchase of air guns. Please check the relevant local laws and regulations before purchasing and using them.

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