How to choose and maintain your PCP air compressor

How to choose and maintain your PCP air compressor - GXPUMP

How to choose and maintain your PCP air compressor

If you want to have a great day of shooting, you need plenty of accessories. After reading the introduction about air guns and air compressors, I think you have some understanding. Related article:


This time, let us talk about how to choose an air compressor that suits you and what products are recommended!

A PCP air gun compressor will fill the onboard storage rank on your pre-charged pneumatic air gun with pressurized air, filling it up to 4500psi. Air guns have small pressure chambers designed for high pressure, so you need an air compressor that can run 3000psi or more. Compressors plug directly into a 110v/220v electrical outlet, some solutions will connect to a car battery, and some will even be equipped with des lithium batteries, like GX PUMP E-L2.


Since most PCP guns' chambers are not that large, the air volume and CFM (Cubic feet per minute) are not the issues here. But you will need a high-pressure air compressor to load up your airguns - your typical 150psi portable air compressor will not cut it without a special valve that lets you gradually build up pressure in the chamber.

Manufacturers also offer specialized air compressors that can output 4500psi and up for loading multiple air guns. Also, do us. I recommend our GX PUMP 4500psi PCP air compressors for you. And what are the advantages of GX compared to others?

First of all, some of our products have a great cooling system, and they don’t need an external water pump to cool the compressor. And unlike other electric high-pressure air pumps, our products do not need the standard oil; they are clean and hygienic, saving you much energy. We also put a black extra oil-moisture separator in the package.

In addition, some of our goods can be powered by a 12V car battery. Also, they can be powered by the home AC outlet with the extra 110V transformer. This will make this air pump more valuable, and you can use it anywhere.

Furthermore, the filling of an air rifle or pistol is hassle-free with an auto shut-off that the user sets at the desired pressure. Furthermore, several GX PCP air compressors have a setting autostop valve. This eliminates the user from having to watch the fill pressure gauge as the compressor does its job.

What's more, two of our portable PCP air compressor adopts the power supply mode of two 18V lithium batteries. While one is charging, the other can continue to work, which can meet users' needs without worrying about connecting power. The total charge time of one battery is about 2 hours, and it can last for half an hour; two can last for an hour.

The most important is that all our products now have discounts because of the new opening. You don’t need to pay for the freight costs, and we have another exclusive discount code that can help you save 10% more when purchasing. Don’t hesitate to visit our shop and buy your favorite PCP air compressor.


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When our products provide some services for you, you also need to know how to maintain them. Here are some suggestions.

  • Use only approved filters, hoses, fittings, and accessories. It is your responsibility to check for leaks before using them to fill.
  • Use only approved fluids in this compressor. Failure to do so may result in accelerated wear and premature failure.
  • The dryer filter media and desiccants must be monitored regularly and changed to reliably produce clean and dry air. Filter life will vary due to many factors, including but not limited to humidity, temperature, purge frequency, and cycle times.
  • Please do not operate the compressor without all its protective panels in place. And do not reach into the compressor frame during or immediately after operation. Parts of this compressor can become hot enough to cause burns.

That's what we want to say, and welcome to visit our shop and become our customers!


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