Common Sense Of Air Gun Pressurization

Common Sense Of Air Gun Pressurization - GXPUMP

The air gun is a general term for weapons that use pressurized gas to shoot projectiles. And piston guns and pneumatic guns can be divided into Single-Stroke Pneumatic(SSP) and Pre-Charge Pneumatic (PCP), but today we will focus on the pressure principle of PCP guns.


Let us first take a look at how the PCP gun works. Typically, every PCP gun has a gas tank inside it, usually in the stock. Elsewhere on the gun is an inflation port. Before firing, the shooter installs a compressed air delivery system, which we often call an air compressor or air pump, at the inflation port and then plugs it into the air tank. Pump up the air until the tank reaches 2700 to 4000 psi pressure. It is worth mentioning that the air gun is filled with compressed air, which is entirely different from another carbon dioxide air gun. Once filled with air, the air gun is ready for use. A strong stream of compressed air is released from the tank and flows through the barrel when you pull the trigger, propelling the bullet forward. With full gas, PCP air guns are highly accurate. As the amount of gas in the tank gradually decreases, so does the accuracy. If you usually are aiming and the point of impact is a quarter-inch off-target, it's time to pump up.

So how does the air compressor work? The air compressor works by using the compressive force of air to move a large amount of air. When the air is compressed, it creates an immense pressure to move the piston, whose job is to suck air through the airway so that a large amount of air circulates through the engine.

Now that we understand how the air compressor pressurizes the air gun consider common sense. First of all, PCP can use air and inert gases such as nitrogen, argon, and helium as a gas source. Be careful not to use oxygen, hydrogen, or other active gases, as this can be extremely dangerous!

Secondly, avoid high temperatures, such as stoves, heaters, and radiators, do not put them in an unoccupied car in summer and do not leave them in the sun .



The most important thing to know before use is whether the device has a built-in heat dissipation function and, if there is no automatic heat dissipation device, how to dissipate the heat during use.

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Sam Andrews

As a shooting athlete in her college, my niece has to make sure each piece of equipment she owns is up-to-date. With that being said, she’d be so happy if she finds out from this article that keeping our air guns away from excessive heat would preserve the quality of compressed air inside of them. You know, it would be nice if she goes to the right shop after this to get some supplies.

March 13, 2023 at 14:56pm

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